Kurt Schemers

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Radio and Television Professional

• Anchoring Genres - Lifestyle, Current Events, Personal & Professional Betterment, Financial News and Market Commentary.


• Approaching two decades of successfully hosting thousands of radio & cable television (local & national live hours) appearances and interviews for lifestyle, current news events, financial markets, and political commentary combining sponsorship pitch, endorsements, and remote location broadcasts.


• Strong rapport building skills, well established contacts with experts, industry titans, run-a-way bestselling authors, columnist, celebrities, local and national level politicians, and magazine founders.


• Confidence with an excellent outgoing personality to handle events smoothly; broad working knowledge of all big stories with conversational anchoring style, plus on-air interactive and engaging abilities to capture and retain the audience’s attention.


• Remarkably clear, attractive & well-controlled voice; excellent timing, pronunciation, oral and written language command - ability to ‘convey right message’ to the audience.


• Portrayed self, (2008) “Pineapple Express”, Sony / Columbia Pictures.

• SyFy Channel, Paranormal Witness, Officer Dean Thomas, Season 5 Episode 10 "The Jail"


Desert Son Media Corporation – Anchor, Host, Writer, and Creative Producer, January 2001 – Current

OI have thoroughly enjoyed all aspects of being the founder of Desert Son Media Corp. Starting with the concept of Traders Nation™ and launching this never-before-seen programming. The show was a hybrid, never before tested that proved to harness the attention of industry movers and viewers alike. In addition to the show, we developed excellence with online media technology, creating tremendous excitement for its time; being part of and leading an organization that garnered this kind of public attention is an unforgettable experience.



• Meet daily deadlines in a high-energy working environment. Professionally work close with producers, managers and photojournalists.


• Collaborated with Co-host and Executive Producer on creative processes that generated themes and story ideas, as well as the evolving vision for show production. A professional in defining problems, collect data, establish facts, and draw valid conclusions in stories.


• Ability to write tight short / long form, and edit my own stories and then present a live product daily.


• Performing field reporting and upholding true ambassadorship for the station when out in public. A passion for working all assigned special promotion projects of the station locally and nationally.


• Clear understanding of software used to edit program content within required deadlines.


• Punctual, dependable, flexible, and clean driving record.


• Strong background on digital media; Facebook, Twitter and Instagram outreach programs. My historical background in print media & design gives my digital media that professional look.


CPG Salon LLC - Managing Member - Business Operations | Busniess Development, February 2016 - Current

CPG provides turn-key boutique salon services to Retirement Community Providers throughout numerous locations in Metropolitan Phoenix and surrounding cities. Our flagship concept salons Curls, Pearls & Gents focuses on providing excellence in services to communities, building rapport, and addressing senior’s lifestyle needs with a boutique line of quality products and exceptional service.



• Created, wrote, and implemented a business model of salon management for senior retirement communities.


• Experienced substantial growth of the model from zero to 5 locations, in 4 cities, the first year. In the second year of operations, I was responsible for growing CPG to 10 locations, in 8 cities; a 100% increase year over year.


• Successfully negotiated and executed high-level contracts of Salon Managed Services with domestic and international corporations.


• Created a supply chain to ensure products, services and supplies are coordinated to keep the company’s operations running resulting in 100% accountability of equipment and materials.


• Responsible for daily, weekly, and monthly reporting of service input and output volumes across individual staff members as well as identifying areas for improvement.


• Contributed to the development and implementation of new policies and procedures based on corporate guidelines for HR Processes and CPG Handbook.


• Co-authored company's employee handbook outlining payroll, background checks, benefits, company policies, breaks, vacation, and performance expectations for employees.


• Spearheaded monthly advertising campaigns in print and audio. Designed all quality collateral material for distribution, wrote and then coordinated audio pieces for direct awareness programs.


• Developed and managed the company's internal and external communications system to distribute company news and critical information.


• Put on events, such as “Meet and Greets” with Communities, and Holiday Sponsorships.


Charles Schwab & Co. – Retirement Services Professional, February 2011 - May 2017

As a senior Retirement Services Professional, I provide a variety of retirement and financial services and support to retail clients and branches for the entire United States. I possess the skills and passion to develop and foster a high-performance team; the ability to assess and continuously improve practices and processes of that team resulting in total commitment to build positive relationships with customers, vendors, and colleagues.



• Strong customer skills. Handle sensitive matters with tact, poise, and diplomacy. Communicate and interact well with individuals at all levels. Excellence in communication skills both verbal and written.


• Manage multiple tasks effectively by balancing high productivity with excellent service quality. Additionally, managing the processes for system and records control.


• Interact with team members to assist in attaining individual, team, and department objectives. Identify problems, summarize and develop strategic solutions.


• Awarded winner of "Champion", September 2013.  A Champion is recognized as one whom "maximizes every interaction to strengthen client loyalty and have compelling results."


• Trained and certified in individual and retirement Small Business, Inherited IRA, Operational Risk Management, Information Security & Privacy, Business Continuity, and Corporate Risk.


Desert Son Print Media, President, April 1989 – August 2004

My first go-around as an entrepreneur. With mistakes to learn from, we built Desert Son Print Media from the garage to the eighth largest printing firm in Arizona, before selling in 2004.



• Possess in-depth knowledge of floor-to-ceiling business operations and management.


• Contributed in attaining 94% employee retention ratio through highly effective leadership, people management and team motivational skills.


• Established business and increased revenues 100% year over year for the first 6 years from an absolute start-up to the eighth largest in the state of Arizona.


• Assessed, and then made acquisitions of production equipment, expanded multi-departmental capabilities effectively; led cross-functional teams in the fulfillment of corporate productivity, quality and bottom-line objectives.


• Wrote standards and scopes furthering safety in the workplace.


Professional & Personal Vignette

• Founder, creator and host of Traders Nation™ -- syndicated in commercial software platforms, 10 radio stations, and 44 cable television stations nationwide.


• A professional host and anchor who has thousands of memorable visits with nationally-recognized guests such as country-icon Willie Nelson, billionaires Steve Forbes & Ken Fisher, A&E's Larry Winget, former Treasury Under Secretary John B. Taylor, Former Congressman Mickey Edwards, and former Iraqi Minister of Defense and Finance Ali A. Allawi.


• Served as highly successful company spokesperson, generated positive media relations, identified as an Industry expert, and garnered coverage in business/ industry publications, including The Wall Street Journal, Investor's Business Daily, and cover of Penny Cents Magazine twice, and quoted in published books.


• Well established billion dollar rolodex.


Public profile:


• Schemers, the youngest of seven brothers and sisters was born in Detroit, Michigan. In 1971, at the age of 6, his family moved to Arizona. He is married to his life-long soulmate of 37 years.